Two Weeks with Baby Ben

Yesterday our little man turned two weeks old! I can’t believe it Ben! It seems crazy that a little over 2 weeks ago, I was still pregnant and even crazier that these weeks… Continue reading

Benjamin Douglas Tubb

On Friday morning at 7:46 am, Benjamin Douglas Tubb made his entrance into the world and most assuredly into our hearts. After 12 hours of labor, 3 of which were pushing (I will… Continue reading

40 Weeks

So today I am “officially” full term. Little man is due today, but so far I think he’s decided he should establish permanent residency inside of me. I told him, fine, come out… Continue reading

38 Weeks

Not much to report this week. Last Thursday I started having contractions that were regular, about 3-5 minutes apart lasting between 45-60 seconds. We thought it was the big show, but after our… Continue reading


On Sunday, we took our big spring break trip to Indianapolis! As I am now 37 weeks (and 2 days as of this writing!), we didn’t want to stray too far from home,… Continue reading

Baby B’s Room

Isaac and I finally finished putting together B’s room. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait to bring him home to his new room! Isaac and I both agree… Continue reading

Yoga Practice

I thought I’d write a little about my yoga practice today. Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been doing certain poses. At first, Lois, my teacher, had me doing all sorts… Continue reading

Baby Showers

We have been lucky enough to have not one, but two baby showers for our little one! The first one was in Lodi, thrown by my mom and Sharon. We went for a… Continue reading

Hi Guys!

I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog so that you far away family members could get a glimpse of what our life with a new baby is like.… Continue reading

Magnum’s Snow Boots