Benjamin is 4 months old!

Our happy little Benny Bear just keeps on growing! I don’t know how it keeps happening! This month’s stats: Height, 26 inches; Weight, 17 lbs 11 oz. He’s only 4 months and he’s… Continue reading

California Part 2

While we were up in Ferndale, we got to spend a little one-on-one time with M & S. They had us over to their wonderful home next to a creek, very picturesque. When… Continue reading

California Trip Part 1

Home, sweet home! Ahhh, California, how we miss you so! We’ve been looking forward to this summer vacation since before Ben’s birth. So that we could bring Magnum with us, we decided to… Continue reading

Ben is 3 months old!

Better late than never, right? This has been a busy month, what with a camping trip, the 4th of July, making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones! We’re really settling in to… Continue reading

Water Baby! (And 4th of July fun)

Ben is such a little water baby! Since we went camping at the end of June, Ben has been swimming a ton! We have a friend here who has an annual 4th of… Continue reading


Isaac and I decided long before we ever had a baby, before Ben was even a twinkle in our eyes, that we wouldn’t let having a baby change us and stop us from… Continue reading

Ben is 2 months old!

Our baby boy is 2 months old! Stats: Weight: 14 lbs 11.5 oz., Length: 24 1/4 inches. He is in the 97% percentile for height and weight, what a big boy! The past… Continue reading

Cloth Diapers

As promised, today I’m going to talk about our experience with cloth diapering. The main reason we decided to cloth diaper instead of using disposables was financial. While cloth diapering necessitates a large… Continue reading

My first Mother’s Day

For my first Mother’s Day, I spent a wonderful day with my family! Ben and I lounged in bed until about 6:45 and then Isaac made me some tea. When I got out… Continue reading

Ben is 4 weeks old!

I cannot believe my baby is 4 weeks old today!! Here’s our handsome little man in the first of his monthly photos. The last two weeks have gone by so fast! After my… Continue reading