It’s cliche but who cares

I know it’s cliche, but I really don’t care, time is going by so quickly, can’t we slow it down just a bit? I’ve got two full storage containers full of Ben’s clothes… Continue reading

We have a 7 month old!

Seven months! Wow, a lot has happened this past month. We’ve hit some HUGE milestones, had a wonderful visit with my mom, celebrated our first “holiday” and gone to two new states to… Continue reading

Fall Fun

It is a ton of fun spending fall with Ben! It’s my favorite season, what with the leaves changing and the crispness in the air. We started off the fall fun with a… Continue reading

Friends and Family

So, dissertating has been, hmmm, overwhelming? I’m SO behind on updates, I wanted to make a post about the rest of our trip to California months ago, but I’m just getting to it… Continue reading


Ben is eating real food! I was really excited to experiment with Baby Led Weaning, but after a couple of terrifying choking instances, I’ve backed off. I’m still interested in the idea of… Continue reading

6 months! Wut?!?

Benjamin is 6 months old! I cannot believe he’s been a part of our lives for a whole half a year! I feel like I tell you guys that I can’t believe how… Continue reading

Being a Mama

My dear friend M and I text a lot. We text about dissertations, husbands, life, and especially our babies. We share photos, stories, advice, and laughs. It’s so awesome to have such a… Continue reading

Things We Love

Inspired by other “must have” posts, I thought I’d do my own. Over the past 6 months (I CANNOT believe my baby is almost 6 months old!), I’ve discovered that some items are… Continue reading

Benjamin is 5 months old!

Well, Benjamin is 5 months old! We can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. Every day is a new and wonderful experience being his parents and we are so grateful that… Continue reading

Sleep Regression. Or Why Is This Happening to Me?!?

Ever since our return from California (sorry I haven’t finished those posts ye!), Ben has been sleeping terribly! Part of it is my fault. While we were away, I tried everything to get… Continue reading