Date Night

In an effort to “have fun” and “reconnect” while living on a budget, Isaac and I instituted stay-at home movie date nights. Every week, one person picks the genre and the other person picks the movie and a related snack.

The first week, Isaac chose the genre: I can’t quite remember. I chose Wall Street since we’d never seen it and the snack was Smitten Kitchen’s spicy caramel corn, omg it was sooooo good! The movie was awesome too. The next week, I chose the genre a movie between 1987-1993. Isaac chose Mississippi Burning, which was awesome, until we couldn’t finish watching it! His snack was jalapeño poppers. Week three’s pick was The Stranger (the genre was Film Noir), and I turned to Deb again for Mom’s Apple Cake. Deb and I, we just get one another, that cake was my dream. (Also, she prolly does not “get me,” but I love her nonetheless, she even signed my book! Thanks Pammy!).

Last week, Isaac really complained about the theme, but come on! I chose any Oscar winning movie from the past 20 years. He said it was too restrictive, but that’s 20 films! As soon as I saw the options, I knew I was in for it. McCullough! Yup, he finally, after 10 years, got me to watch Braveheart. It was surprisgnly good, just waaaaay too long. His snack was a delish shortbread cookie.

This week’s genre is a real doozy: a film based on a novel by an author who has been dead for at least 50 years. I thought I was being really clever and chose Forbidden Planet based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I was going to attempt a molecular gastronomy treat and it was going to be EPIC. Until Isaac reminded me that The Tempest is a play. Womp Womp. In any case, we’re watching the new Great Gatsby film, snack TBD. We’re really enjoying the fun of the choice and the snack, it’s fun to watch movies again together, and we’re getting exposed to new films. Overall, I’d say this is a win. Go Isaac!

Here are some snack photos:

Raspberry Shortbread Cookiesimage

Mom’s Apple Cake

imageLooking forward to what this week brings!