Ben’s 1st Birthday!

Oops, so it’s June 23rd and I’m writing Ben’s birthday post now. Things have been a bit chaotic! For Ben’s birthday, we decided to go to Springfield. We figured since we’ve lived in Illinois for almost 4 years, it was time to make the trip before we left for good. Our friend Mark accompanied us and we went to a “landmark” hotdog stand and enjoyed some Cozy dogs, visited a new Lincoln museum, walked over to Lincoln’s neighborhood, and cruised up to the new capitol. DSCN3373Here Ben is enjoying his first corn dog. I generally do not like corn dogs, but holy frak were these good. Ben’s eyes got SO big when he tasted it, I think he was a fan 🙂

DSCN3374Me and my 1 year old with the Cozy Dog mascots.

DSCN3384Papa and Benny in front of Lincoln’s home.

DSCN3392Benny touching history.

Then, we went home and Benny had his birthday cupcake! He continued to be impressed, and confused by cake and why I was letting him eat it. 🙂

DSCN3401He’s enjoying red velvet–I figured the cream cheese (frosting) made it “healthier.”


Isaac and I also had cupcakes and then that night I woke up and threw up. I was convinced it was the cupcake….until three days later Ben had the stomach flu for the THIRD time in a month!! He got so sick, he ended up in the ER with borderline dehydration and blood in his urine. It was scary, but he was great, and lovely Jill brought us dinner. (Miss her!)


(Isaac ended up with the flu again too the following Friday, ugh, we got hit hard this flu season!)

The next weekend, we had a little birthday party for Ben. I made him a blanket, with the help of Jill, from all of the fabric we’d used for his monthly photo shoots. I was again inspired by this blanket from Young House Love. (Please forgive my hair).
IMG_1227Ben’s party was a lot of fun. I made Smitten Kitchen’s roasted apple spice cake, Isaac barbecued, and we enjoyed a wonderful time with our friends. It also served as a little bit of a going away party, as Ben and I left for Denver three days later! We loved Ben’s first wonderful year in Urbana and are so excited to be embarking on his second (and many more) years here in Denver!

DSCN3458The spread

DSCN3498Our birthday boy 🙂

DSCN3479Hallie and Ben (after Ben kissed her)

DSCN3465Sarah and Ben opening gifts.

Thank you to all of our friends for such a wonderful afternoon celebrating our little man!