13 Months of Mr. Ben

Shortly after Benny’s first birthday, he and I hopped a plane to Denver. First things first-we had to find a place to live and a place for Ben to go to school. Luckily, we found both really quickly. Ben has been going to an excellent Montessori school close to my work, we found a great place to live with a huge backyard and a porch. We patiently waited for Isaac to join us and got a little routine going. We’ve been loving it here in Denver-visits to the mountains, lots of bike rides, runs in the park around the lake, it’s been awesome! DSCN3556Unfortunately, I don’t have stats for 13 months (May 13)! He was around 24-ish pounds when he went to the ER for the stomach flu, and he’s hovering around 31 inches. We decided to just do the fabric/photo shoot for the first year–he’s just too mobile now! Yep, that’s right, the little man walks!! photoHere he is cruising around the new house (wearing his favorite accessory, a Guinness St. Patrick’s Day necklace). Silly baby 🙂

Before we moved into the new place, our family, G & J were so, so very generous to let us stay in their home for a couple of weeks. Ben had a great time playing with Jake and Bella, bonking heads with Uncle G and playing ball with Aunt J. We’re so very thankful for them and their generosity. Ben also learned all about stairs at their place, making his mother very nervous, but he wasn’t walking yet (thank goodness).

DSCN3530Floating in his travel high chair at G & J’s.

DSCN3577Indiana Ben (wearing double hats in Leadville).

DSCN3592At the Stuffeshoppe in Leadville. This is so cool. M’s MIL is Dutch and grew up with this cool idea. It’s got all sorts of items to buy, like pens, Muddy Paw items like hats, shirts, water bottles, etc., candy, all sorts of fun stuff! You get to go in and buy items and talk to M’s MIL, the shoppe owner 🙂DSCN3609Sporting his new Muddy Paw hat! And Logan’s socks.

DSCN3638Playing in the fort M & J made for the babies!

We’re loving it here (especially now that Isaac’s here, that’ll come in the 14 month post soon).