Benjamin is 1!

We made it! Benny is our little one year old and we can’t believe it! Having Ben has changed our lives so much. It hasn’t all been easy but all together, this has been the best year yet. I can’t imagine what life would be like without him and I am so so very glad to have this little life changer. My man! A few hours oldHere is Ben just hours old. And here he is now!DSCN3439Stats: At birth, Height: 22.5 inches, Weight: 9 pounds, 10 ounces. Now, Height: 30.5 inches, Weight: 23 pounds, 7 ounces.

This has been a very busy month–things continue to be super busy around these parts, hence my lateness. We made two big trips this month: one to Colorado and one to Kentucky. We got to see our friends and family, we dealt with some SUPER terrible sleep issues, Benny learned about how different sequences come together to form one activity in his “programs” leap, hmmm, what else? Mama got to do some great skiing in CO with M. We traded off baby duty with J and T so M and I could ski together. One day we skied Beaver Creek and hung out in their super swanky spa–it was fabulous. Oh yeah, Ben went for a hike at Red Rocks and he took his first bike ride! We also celebrated his birthday with family in Kentucky, he had cake and a candle and everything! (I don’t have these photos yet, though).

As far as what Benny’s got going on developmentally: he can stand very easily now, I think he could walk if he wanted to, but he’s such a SPEEDY crawler that I think he’s being lazy with the walking. He says some words very clearly: dog, all done, mama are all pretty clear. He’s also getting better at feeding himself, but this does mean things are super messy! He loves to dance and to hear music. We took him to music class in Denver, and after he got over being scared, he had a great time hitting sticks together, shaking the tambourine, and strumming the guitar! He loves to find Isaac’s guitar at home and strum it too!

I love this little man so much and I’m so grateful that he’s such a wonderful guy. I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR!!

DSCN3219Spending time with his betrothed at happy hour 🙂

DSCN3225Hiking with Mama and Papa at Red Rocks

DSCN3230Dressed like a lady because he threw up all over his clothes and per the usual, I didn’t have anything to put him in (thanks M!)


DSCN3256Teaching L how to get around

DSCN3334Hanging out with George and Uncle Amos

DSCN3324 DSCN3323 DSCN3322What IS all this stuff (please excuse the mess, laundry day)

DSCN3317A well balanced meal for every baby: asparagus roasted parsnips and carrots, and chicken. Yum!

DSCN3304Hanging out with Uncle Glenn and JAKE!

DSCN3278Exploring the walker together

DSCN3270Biking around Denver (this trip was abruptly cut short by a rainstorm that came in. Usually we’d be fine with rain, but we didn’t want a soaking wet baby!)

DSCN3261Hanging on to almost 50 pounds of baby here!DSCN3359Peruvian scarf and hat thanks to Ben!

DSCN3342At the races!