11 Month Old Benny Bear

Um, so, oops. Ben is almost 1 and I’m just getting around to the 11 month old post. Please forgive me, it’s been a busy month!DSCN3216Here he is. He’s CONSTANTLY moving, so getting a picture has been almost impossible these last few months. We’re going to have to get a bigger piece of fabric so he can sit up from now on!

Stats: Weight: 23 pounds, height: 30 inches, teeth: 12 (four are coming in and three of those four are molars)

Month 11 of being Ben’s parents has been pretty exciting. He’s up to all sorts of new shenanigans, like crawling at the speed of light, reading, playing with the Kentucky Tubb cousins, using his borrowed walker (Thanks A!), eating oatmeal on his own, learning how to use a sippy cup, standing up, dancing, saying “mama,” playing with Magnum. Oh, the list goes on and on. He can clap now, he likes to share (but only on his terms), and he’s getting better at baby sign language. He’s also very sweet. Sometime he’ll gently put his hands on my face and turn me towards him and give me a kiss. He’s also quite hilarious. He’s getting more playful and likes to laugh a lot. I love being with him, though, let me tell you, a very active baby is quite exhausting! This stage is so cool because everything is new to him. I love watching him discover things, it’s like seeing the world again for the first time.

Not everything is lollipops and roses though. Sleep continues to be a struggle for us. I don’t even really remember what it’s like to be fully rested. I hope that soon we see some improvement. We’re going to have to tackle that soon. Isaac’s going to get on that while I’m gone for a couple of nights. Hearing Ben cry rips my soul apart (I typed soup at first, it would probably rip my soup apart too). In any case, love, love, love that little man!

DSCN3091Exploring an old civil war battle ground with the Kentucky Tubbs

DSCN3084Playing with cousin Henry

DSCN3104Reading with Eleanor

DSCN3118Classic photo

DSCN3128“Eating” oatmeal

DSCN3149I’m so good at the sippy cup

DSCN3155Hanging out with Mags

DSCN3156On the move!

DSCN3173Exploring the record player with A

DSCN3196Spending time with papa in an awesome hat

DSCN3199Plaid boys