Ben is 9 months old! (Well, technically he’s older, but details schmetails)

Mr. Benjamin D. has now been on the outside for as long as he was on the inside! Today, it has been 40 weeks and 5 days since he entered our lives and made us a family. This morning as I was lying awake at 4:22 am hoping he’d go back to sleep for just a few more minutes, I got to thinking about some of the observations I’ve made over the last 40 weeks, 5 days, ones I haven’t written down but want to so I’ll remember them forever. I’ll share them below. For now, here’s some baby love!DSCN2768

Stats: Height: 29 1/4 inches, Weight: 21.11 lbs, Head Circumference 47.1 cm, Teeth: 8(!)


– He’s officially crawling now, not just scooting around.

– He also started pulling himself up, which has necessitated some changes in the house (i.e. crib is now lowered to the third level and mama might be more comfortable with it at the lowest level…). A few days ago, before we lowered the crib, he pulled himself up, reached over the side, and pulled a stack of books down, scaring himself in the process. There was much crying.

– He’s outgrown his carseat and is officially in the convertible carseat (thanks Mama!). I’m not sure it’s installed correctly though, so we have a carseat check scheduled for tomorrow (thank goodness for cancellations)!

– We had our first big overnight trip apart. It’s true, I went to Chicago with a girlfriend for a night when he was 12 weeks old, but this was a real REAL trip. M and I went to Mexico to celebrate being done with our dissertations (had an AMAZING time), and Ben stayed with my mom in California. We all survived, though I had some SERIOUS mom guilt when I left because he had croup.

– He’s really laughing now! He’s had this silly little laugh for the past months, but now we’re getting into belly laughing territory. He’s also ticklish, which I discovered as we were making our descent into Champaign last week. Oh man, he was hilarious! Cracking up as I tickled him. I love it. His playful personality is really shinning through. He smiles whenever Isaac or I walk into the room, and he LOVES Magnum (Magnum does not exactly reciprocate, rather he tolerates Ben).

In other news, sleep has been a nightmare (harhar). There have been some nights in the last month when we’ve all been up 4-5 times! We’ve tried not nursing, nursing, co-sleeping, not co-sleeping, etc. ad nauseum. Then, when he was at my mom’s, he slept through the night 3 of the 4 nights. WUT?? She had a humidifier. So we got one. And now he’s slept most nights til 4:30 and then come to bed with us. Tonight though, I’m putting him back in his own bed after he wakes up (if he does). I’m glad things have turned the corner (fingers crossed) because sleep deprivation is no joke. Just ask Isaac, I’m no fun with no sleep.

Other than the sleep business, this past month has been wonderful. I am realizing that being a parent, a mom, is not hard. Ben makes it easy. What was hard was the constant juggling of a dissertation and two jobs. Without the dissertation, I have so much more time to focus on Ben. I don’t feel so pulled and divided. Ben is my primary focus when it’s our time together and I really love it. (Thanks to M for helping me realize this in Mexico).

My random 4:22 observations:

– when Ben nurses he likes to move his hands. A lot of the time they are clutching my shirt, my nose, or in my mouth. It’s quite hilarious really.

– He’s always been a mover. Especially at 4am. When I was pregnant, that’s when he would wake me up with kicks, flutters, hiccups and flips. I don’t know why that’s his active time, it’s still night time child!

– He doesn’t like loud noises. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t have any siblings or what, but man does he scare easily! It’s weird because he’s always around other people and has been since he was very young.

– He loves animals and lights up whenever he sees them.

– He’s a nature baby just like his parents. It so cute seeing him observe the world around him, it’s all so exciting and beautiful to him. Leaves aren’t just leaves, you know, they are these awesome beings that float in the breeze and reflect light. I wish he could describe the world he sees to me, I can’t wait until he can.

– I love him, and being his mother, more than I thought was possible. I “get it” now.


Hiking in Ferndale with the family


Baby in a box


I love dogs! (his expression!)


Breakfast with mama (smiley even after a crappy night’s sleep), p.s. I love bacon!

Funny faces with grandma


Happy guy!


He’s not loved or anything…

DSCN2493Admiring Auntie Maren