Holidays 2012

I know this post is a little late BUT, in my defense, I filed my dissertation, had a birthday, and we went to California (and I went to Mexico), so with all that in mind,it isn’t really that bad, right??


Celebrating the holidays with Benjamin was so much fun. We’d really like to begin some new traditions that Ben will grow up with. We started some this past December, but since Ben’s still so small, we didn’t really go all out. Some things we did do though included picking up our tree earlier this year so we could have it up for longer, we went to a St. Lucia celebration, which Isaac remembers growing up with, so we’d like to continue that too. I sang Christmas songs to Ben and read him a Christmas/Holiday themes story every night. I’m already planning an Advent calendar activity for this year. We’re going to do gingerbread houses too. Our celebrations was pretty low key, we had a lovely time opening Christmas pajamas and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve (we’re going to do this every year) and on Christmas morning we had a leisurely time opening gifts, going for a walk, eating cinnamon rolls and enjoying one another. Ben’s favorite part of gift opening was the wrapping paper, but he has been enjoying his new toys too. We got to open gifts with both of our moms too in California and it was fun seeing our parents get excited about the gift giving/opening too! My favorite part of the whole holiday season was sharing it with Ben and Isaac (and Magnum, he got a stocking too!). 2012 was an amazing year and we really just feel so grateful to be Ben’s parents!IMG_0897

Opening gifts with Grammy


Opening gifts Christmas morning


The carnage


Making pannekaker with Papa


Bows are awesome


Christmas morning baby


Christmas pjs!

DSCN2367This is so cool!