Benjamin the 8 month old!

Our little man is eight months old! The last month has flown by, we’ve hit a bunch of milestones and celebrated a holiday. We’re loving every second with our little sweetheart, his personality is really emerging and he is a jokester, he’s kind and loving, and he loves people and animals. We are so lucky to have this little dude in our lives!

DSCN2342Stats: Weight: 21.4 lbs (he’s gained almost two pounds this month!), Height: 27.5 inches

So new stuff! He’s got six teeth now, two on the top, four on the bottom. He can sit up quite well, and he scooches EVERYWHERE! He talks all the time too. Ben’s first word was “dog!” Much to my dismay, it was not mama. I’ve been trying though. I try to get him to practice every day. Sometimes when he’s distressed he’ll be yammering on and sometimes I’ll hear a” ma” in there, but “dog” was definitely his first intentional word. We think it’s pretty hilarious considering how much Magnum dislikes him. Magnum is interested and will sniff him, but any time Ben gets too close, he’s off!

Our other new experience is the nanny. Ben goes to the nanny three days a week. We share our nanny with a friend who’s baby is 5 days younger than Ben. They seems to have a good time together, but man do I miss him! (Though I have to say, I do work done more easily when he’s with C!)

Food: Ben will eat just about everything. He loves Coq au Vin, homemade pot pie, yogurt, yams, carrots, oatmeal, bananas, apples, pears, avocados, chard, etc. I know this is technically about the past month, but today he even tried smoked salmon and was huge fan! The only thing he’s really rejected are frozen peas and meatloaf (we think it was too flavorful). (Also, thanks again to Jeanne who made it possible for Ben to eat things like Coq au Vin by gifting us the awesome food mills!)

Sleep: is always changing! Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, they go and change it up on you!! Lately, I’ve been feeding Ben before we go to bed because he was waking up around 11 to nurse. If I feed him before I go to bed, he’ll usually sleep until 2-3, sometimes even 5! Then, we bring him to bed with us. But sometimes he won’t go back to sleep, making for early wake up calls for us! Naps are also a bit challenging right now: he still naps twice a day, but when and for how long seems to be constantly in flux. His bedtime is 6pm, he picked it himself. This means that Isaac and I get to spend time together in the evening and that’s nice!

Holiday fun! We celebrated Thanksgiving zu dritt and had a great day! We spent the day playing with Ben, cooking leisurely, and eating! What a lovely time. Then, we began the Christmas cheer by selecting a tree, visiting Santa, and attending a Santa Lucia celebration. I love this time of year and have started a new tradition of reading Ben a Christmasy story every evening. We’ve done Madeline at Christmas, an Olive Christmas story, the Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and others. I’m sure as he gets older this tradition will be more fun for him, but for now, I’m enjoying sharing my favorite stories with him! I’ve also been singing him lots of holiday songs. I’m glad he doesn’t mind my voice!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are so looking forward to starting some new traditions as our family of three. I’m sure whatever we do, we will cherish this holiday, spending time together and loving each other! Merry merry, friends!

DSCN2303Ben and his “friend” Magnum

DSCN2289Black beans and sweet potatoes for lunch, yum!DSCN2110The Thanksgiving spreadDSCN2111Turkey for babies–how do I eat this?DSCN2242Picking the perfect tree!DSCN2251Santa Lucia celebration (blurry shot, oops!) Ben loved the lightsDSCN2175Hanging out with PapaDSCN2138Playing with MagnumDSCN2241Hipster baby!DSCN2239Sweet little bath baby!DSCN2278NOT a fanDSCN2273On the move! (He’s too fast to catch on film!)DSCN2257Christmas tree (before we decorated 🙂 )