It’s cliche but who cares

I know it’s cliche, but I really don’t care, time is going by so quickly, can’t we slow it down just a bit? I’ve got two full storage containers full of Ben’s clothes in the basement and we had to lower his crib to the next setting today. He’s about to outgrow his carseat, he’s scooting around like crazy, he eats solids and he’s been pulling himself up. It seriously feels like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday and really he’s been ours for almost eight months! I cherish every moment with him. I have so been enjoying breast feeding and every time we sit down together, I just stare at him. He’s so sweet and funny. His little personality is really showing: he’s playful but serious, has strong opinions about things, loves snuggles, but also enjoys doing his own thing. He loves to wiggle and talk and sing and I just feel so lucky to be his mother. While I am so proud of all the things he’s accomplishing, I just can’t help but wish time could slow down, just a little bit. My little man, god I love him!