We have a 7 month old!

Seven months! Wow, a lot has happened this past month. We’ve hit some HUGE milestones, had a wonderful visit with my mom, celebrated our first “holiday” and gone to two new states to meet fabulous friends (and Ben’s future wife). Month seven  was a biggie!

Stats: 19-ish lbs, 27 inches. Ben is really starting to lengthen out. A couple of months ago, we hit up a baby sale (not where they sell babies), and purchased clothes in 12-18 months size because we were convinced Ben would weigh 900 pounds by now. We were wrong. He’s in 6-12 month size, depending on the brand, oh well. My overpreparedness would make me a good survivalist, even if my child is dressed in clothes too big for him!

Oh, there is just so much to share! We visited Devan and Ryan in Kentucky–lots of fall fun! Then, my mom came. Isaac and I had to work, so my mom was able to spend some fun one-on-one time with Ben. I know they had a blast! They ate bananas together, went to the park (I cannot for the life of me find photographic evidence of this though!), spent a lot of time playing, and generally making merry. Mom also helped us carve pumpkins and got to see Ben in his Halloween costume!

Speaking of Halloween–OMG cuteness! Ben was a cow, and he was the CUTEST cow you ever saw! We were supposed to go trick-or-treating with friends, but I got sick and had to cancel! Womp womp. We still managed to take some fun photos though.

Ben and I also made a trip to Denver to visit our friends M and L. L is Ben’s future wife, so it was nice they got to meet ;-). It was so so fun and I cannot wait to see them again. Ben and L were so cute together. She’s 11 weeks younger than he is, so they’re at different developmental stages. They’re about the same size though. They had a great time chatting and playing, Ben got to play with L’s dogs. I’ll write a dedicated post about our trip.

New stuff:

Teeth! While my mom was here, she felt Ben’s first tooth. The next day, two teeth popped up on the bottom middle. Then, about a week later, a third popped up next to it. Now, he’s cutting the top middle tooth. He’s been pretty laid back about the whole thing, though we have had a tiny bit of fussiness and lots of dirty diapers. The teeth also make for some interesting challenges with breast feeding, but I’ve tried a couple of things to get him not to bite, and so far, so good.

Sitting up! He’s been trying for the past couple of months, but now he can really do it! I can’t believe it.

His will! Ben is starting to express his displeasure at things. For example, he really likes to help when he’s eating. But if you try to take the spoon away, he loses it! Today I had to take Lois to the airport and while we checked her bags, I let Ben play with the keys. When I needed them back to, you know, drive us home, he lost it again. Hard core. He cried the whole 15 minutes home from the airport. And mama forgot his paci at home. Not a fun trip.

The nanny! We’re sharing a nanny with one of our friends here who has a daughter 5 days younger than Ben. He’s been three times now. I cried the first day. Ben has a great time, or at least seems to, but man is it hard. I don’t know what we’ll do when I start a real job. I think I’d really like to find something where I can work from home. I don’t want to miss a single second with him!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, our first one as a family of three. I cannot wait to celebrate with Ben. Isaac’s aunt got us a food grinder, which is awesome, so I will definitely be grinding up some Thanksgiving delights for him. It’s my favorite holiday and I’m so looking forward to sharing it with Ben!

And now for some fun photos from the month.

Papa and Benny on Papa’s Birthday

Helping Papa unwrap his gifts

Family photo after our 5.7 mile trail run.

Helping Mama dissertate #cantwaittofilenextmonth

Matching stripes

Do these glasses make my head look small?