Friends and Family

So, dissertating has been, hmmm, overwhelming? I’m SO behind on updates, I wanted to make a post about the rest of our trip to California months ago, but I’m just getting to it now! In any case, we had a wonderful trip visiting with our families, you can read about the first part here and here.

We spent a week with my mom in Lodi, she and S hosted a BBQ for us so our friends could meet Ben, it was great to see everyone and I’m sure Ben loved all the oohing and aahing. He’s a charmer, for sure! We also swam at my aunt’s, made a trip to Pleasanton (more swimming and tasty Chinese food), got our nails done, and talked and laughed a lot. I sure do love my mama!

We also had the distinct pleasure of being in our dear friends’ Pam and Jeff’s wedding! We set them up at our own wedding four years ago and they’ve been together ever since. We knew they’d hit it off, we were just waiting for them both to be single. So when it came to pairing people up for the wedding party, we were so glad to put the two of them together. They got married on the American River on a sweltering day, 105 degrees! It was such a beautiful and touching wedding, everything was so personal and sentimental, it made me feel all schmoopy about Isaac and I’m so grateful for our wonderful little family. All in all we had an awesome visit with friends and family, we’re so lucky to be so blessed with all these people who love us! Yay!