Ben is eating real food! I was really excited to experiment with Baby Led Weaning, but after a couple of terrifying choking instances, I’ve backed off. I’m still interested in the idea of Ben eating real food rather than rice cereal and the like, but I’m not giving him whole carrots or apples to chomp down on. So far this week he’s tried the following:

bananas: now he’s a fan

carrots: we’re a big fan of this carrots cooked forever recipe

apples: he likes to suck on them when I’m eating them but he also likes them warmed up and smashed. He took down half an apple yesterday in this fashion

chicken soup: he ate the carrots, celery, white beans and chicken

pumpkin ice cream

It’s been a lot of fun to watch him experiment. I usually put some food on his tray and let him use his hands, though sometimes he doesn’t seem to understand that what’s on his tray can actually go in his mouth. When I feed him, he helps me by guiding the spoon to his mouth. I want to make sure that he’s at least partially in control of what he’s eating. This is a whole new and exciting phase (also terrifying), but I cannot believe that I have a baby who is eating solids! Don’t get me wrong, he’s still nursing between 8-12 times a day, I think he’s eating the solids more as just a learning experience right now. Also, he has two teeth!