Being a Mama

My dear friend M and I text a lot. We text about dissertations, husbands, life, and especially our babies. We share photos, stories, advice, and laughs. It’s so awesome to have such a good friend who is going through all of the same things that I am right now. And it’s also awesome that we can text pretty much every day when we have the chance. We were chatting the other night about our babies and I wanted to write what we wrote here so I can remember it.

M: You have to feed and take care of another human being AND do everything you need to do. Being a mama is tough!

T: Agree. But I love it more than I thought I would. Being Ben’s mama makes me want to be the best possible version of me so I can be the best mama he needs. He’s seriously amazing. I’m sure you feel the same about L. 🙂

M; Agree. She’s so great. I love how she smiles at me. It’s like she only sees the positive. Which is why I need to get this PhD crap out of my life!

T: One of my fav things is when he’s on the floor hanging out and then he looks up and sees me and gives me the BIGGEST smile. It melts me! And yes about the PhD crap!

M: I love how she follows me with her eyes as I walk around the room then when I turn to her she smiles and ducks her head in excitement, then smiles again. We call it her coy smile.

T: They’re such fabulous humans and we are seriously so lucky we get to be their mamas!

M: We are so lucky!

Conversations like this remind me of what is important. Our families. The little worries of the day, even the PhD crap, just don’t matter when we get to be with our families. Well, there you go, a little schmoop for your Thursday morning.