Things We Love

Inspired by other “must have” posts, I thought I’d do my own. Over the past 6 months (I CANNOT believe my baby is almost 6 months old!), I’ve discovered that some items are essential for parenthood while others are superfluous. So here goes nothing!

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets are key. Since about day 3, we’ve used these puppies to wrap Ben up like a little burrito. Being swaddled calmed him down and we’ve been pretty lucky in the sleep department. Once he started rolling over, we had to stop swaddling him at night, but we still swaddle him for naps.

Halo swaddle sleep sacks are also awesome. We only have one, for #2, we will have a zillion.

The Fisher Price Snugabunny swing: this was not an essential until Ben was 4 months old. Since then it has been a lifesaver. It is firmly parked in his room and he takes a 2-3 hour nap in it every afternoon, snuggly swaddled in his aden & anais wrap. This provides him with a good solid nap and me with sanity/time to dissertate. Some babies hate the swing: Ben does not. Ben LOVES the swing. Mama LOVES the swing.

Fisher Price Sunggabunny Bouncy seat: this has been an essential since day one. I have not gone a single day without showering and I believe this is partially thanks to the bouncy seat. I can pop him in this and shower, get ready for work, do work, cook, etc. It’s been a lifesaver.

Summer Infant Touch Video monitor: I did not think I wanted one of these and in fact we had a traditional monitor. Then Ben went all exorcist on me and choked on his own puke and I freaked out. So now we have a video monitor and I sleep SO much better. I don’t have to sneak into his room to see that he’s alright, I just have to look at the monitor.

Snugbug wrap and ErgoBaby Carrier: Could not live without these. The Snugbug is key for getting work done, plus Ben will nap in it. The ErgoBaby is so awesome for hikes. We have not given up our active lifestyle now that we have Ben, we just take him with us! It’s so awesome.

Bob Revolution Stroller: LOVE this guy. We opted for an all-in-one stroller system rather than going for a travel system, umbrella stroller, and jogger. We just got an adapter so that the carseat could go on the BOB and Ben has been cruising since day 1! We go for runs with him about 2 a week (some days he stays home with Papa), it’s been great. And with winter coming up, the big tires will be key as Magnum (and mama and papa) will continue to need outdoors time.

Pebble Lite Mattress: I knew I wanted an organic, natural mattress for Ben, so we bought this guy. I would like to thank it for giving Ben good sleep.

Bummis EasyFit cloth dipes. I’ve written about this already. I love these diapers they are amazing.

The First Years Sound Machine: this thing is great. We have a travel sound machine (a little giraffe), that’s awesome, but it has a timer. This guy has a bunch of different settings, we use the “womb” sounds, and it doesn’t go off. White noise is key and this machine is great.

Love my Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag, it’s big enough to shove all of my crap in, plus it clips to the stroller!

These are the essentials that get used every day. Oh and let us not forget the espresso machine. Thank goodness for espresso machines.