Benjamin is 5 months old!

Well, Benjamin is 5 months old! We can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. Every day is a new and wonderful experience being his parents and we are so grateful that he is ours!

Stats: 18 1/2ish pounds (the scale I used was wonky), height: 26 1/2 inches. He’s pretty much holding steady from last month.

New stuff:

Ben’s rolling over in both directions like a mad man. It’s getting harder to just leave him on the floor for a second and go in the other room because he might roll away! He bumped into a chair the other day–he was not impressed.

Scooting: Oh my goodness does he scoot. He can only go backwards, but it’s pretty impressive. People keep saying that any day now he’ll start crawling. I am NOT ready for that!!

<p><a href=”″>IMG 0536</a> from <a href=”″>Tara Tubb</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

He tries really hard to sit up. He likes to hold onto our fingers and pull himself up, but he’ll also prop himself up on his hands for about 2 seconds before falling to one side or the other.

Kisses! Ben figured out that he can kiss back this month. It’s really quite sweet. He will come at me with his mouth open and pretty much try to eat my face. I like to think of this as love. 

Falling asleep on his own. Over the past month, I’ve worked really hard to get him to fall asleep on his own for bed time. I started a consistent bed time routine, and put him down awake, but tired. Some nights it goes great, other nights we’re in there every two minutes putting the paci back in, but it’s gotten a lot better. We had a rough couple of weeks, but things seem to be on the up.

Likes: taking walks and going for runs with us, tummy time, rolling over, Dale the cow and his giraffe, snuggling with mama and papa in the morning, bath time, being held, his bouncy seat and swing.

Dislikes: he’s not a huge fan of being put down but that only lasts for about 2 seconds and then we have a conversation about it, he’s starting to know who people are and sometimes he expresses displeasure at not being with me or Isaac, naps–still. They’re getting better though. We do the double swaddle and nap him in his swing when home. He takes about 2-3 30 minutes naps and then 1 2.5-3 hour nap, so things have improved!

Photo love!Matching papa!

Mama and Ben

Clean baby!

Practicing his strut

Playing with Magnum–they’re too fast for conventional media

Stretching it out after a vigorous early morning run