Benjamin is 4 months old!

Our happy little Benny Bear just keeps on growing! I don’t know how it keeps happening!

This month’s stats: Height, 26 inches; Weight, 17 lbs 11 oz. He’s only 4 months and he’s almost doubled his birth weight. Slow down buddy, you’ve still got 2 more months to do that!! He’s getting so big, I’m starting to get some guns!

I think he’s starting to look more like me. When he was first born, there was certainly no questioning paternity! He looked JUST like Isaac, seriously, go back and look. Ben was the spitting image of his papa. Over the past month or so though, he’s started to look a bit more like me. He’s got my nose to be sure!

New stuff: I mentioned last month that he started rolling over–that trend continues. Once we put him down, he flips right over onto his tummy. He’s even started tummy sleeping–not my favorite thing as I am a) paranoid, and 2) we can’t swaddle him any more. The no swaddle has resulted in a whole set of sleep issues, something I’ll cover later. Let’s see, what else. Well, he drools like it’s his job. He’s pre-teething so he’s constantly chewing on anything and everything he can get to his mouth. I’ve gotten him a couple of teething toys but so far he seems to prefer my fingers. No teeth yet, though! He has also become very interested in watching me eat. When I have some piece of food in my hand, he will watch it go to my mouth. He’s still too young though for solid food and we’re skipping the rice cereal stage so the pediatrician told us to wait til closer to six months to introduce solids. I’m fine with that–not looking forward to real poop 🙂 Ben talks a lot. He shrieks and oohs and coos and aahs and everything in between. We have little conversations with him and if we don’t answer him, he looks at us expectantly like, “hey guys, what gives?” It’s really quite cute. He’s such a fun little guy and such a joy to be around. I just love him to pieces!


water–swimming, baths, you name, he loves it!


rolling over

playing with mama and papa and looking at Magnum


he doesn’t really seem to not like anything. He’s such an easygoing baby. Crossing my fingers!!

Gratuitous cuteness:Snuggling with Dale

Go niners!

This is like the closest they’ve ever been!

Helping mama dissertate

SO cute!

I love my family