California Part 2

While we were up in Ferndale, we got to spend a little one-on-one time with M & S. They had us over to their wonderful home next to a creek, very picturesque. When they bought the house, it was in questionable shape, to say the least. However, through lots of sweat, I’m sure, M and S have done a beautiful job remodeling it! M did most of the work himself and it looks great! 

S cooked an awesome dinner: beans, enchiladas with green sauce (she showed me how to cook them properly: dunk in green sauce, fry, put a little queso fresco and green onions and serve–so much simpler than what we do and SOOOOO tasty!), guacamole, stuffed peppers, and a super yummy almond torte for dessert. It was so lovely to spend time with them, we wish we could see everyone more frequently! Before we left, the inspector came over for their final inspection. Ben charmed him and of course they passed! I’m sure M’s handiwork was mostly to thank, but come on, how could you say no to this face!

Oh, and we also met Mr. Peabody!