Isaac and I decided long before we ever had a baby, before Ben was even a twinkle in our eyes, that we wouldn’t let having a baby change us and stop us from doing the things we like to do, both individually and as a couple. Well, fast forward two and a half months and we still haven’t been out without Ben and some things have fallen by the wayside. BUT, we’re starting to get in the swing of things!

Over Memorial Day I lamented the fact that we weren’t off doing something fun and glamourous. I had originally scoffed at the idea of traveling with a tiny baby, but I came to the conclusion that we needed to get the hell out of dodge. So with nerves of steal, I suggested we go camping in Door County. Isaac, ever the optimist who thought we’d be camping 5 minutes after Ben was born, jumped at the suggestion and lo and behold, next thing I knew I was booking us a campsite!

This last weekend, I took Thursday and Friday off work and we made the long trip up to Egg Harbor, WI. The trip usually takes 7 hours but with Ben, that count went up to 9. Not too bad, right? We packed the car to the brim, loaded up Ben and the dog, and we were underway! We really like the campground we stayed at. It’s got “primitive” sites, but there’s still a bathroom and running water. Plus, it’s close to all the touristy resort towns, but it’s far enough away that you still feel like you’re camping. And new this year, they added a disc golf course, Isaac was stoked!

On Friday, we went for a hike at Peninsula State Park in FIsh Creek. This was my first hike since last Fall and it was a lot of fun. I texted my mom that I was using some muscles that hadn’t been used in a long time, but it did feel great to get out there. The hike we took was really nice, with some inclines, but a lot of flats too. Most of it was shaded, thank goodness (though it wasn’t nearly as hot as C-U, it was pretty warm). We got to wade in the water too! Ben hung out in the Ergo for the whole hike and he was such a trooper! The hike ended up being about 6 miles and by the time we were done, I was exhausted but super happy! We topped the day off with Ben’s first swim! And smore’s 🙂

On Saturday, we had a picnic lunch at Europe Bay and waded in the water there too. Magnum even went swimming! We walked around Fish Creek, visiting shops and looking for the perfect Door County souvenirs. Isaac found a great coffee mug and we picked up some super yummy olive oil from the world’s first olive oil tasting bar! We had dinner at a place we visited a couple of years ago. Magnum got his picture taken and entered into a photo contest and Ben and I had our first restaurant nursing experience. Oh, and let’s not forget delicious ice cream cones from Door County Ice Cream Factory! We also took our first cheesy family photo at a roadside Farm Market.

We decided for two reasons not to take the stroller with us. First, there wasn’t any room in the car. Lord help us when we have a second child. We’ll either need a bigger car or a Thule for the roof. Second, we figured that I’d probably just wear Ben the whole time anyway. He spent his time either in the Ergo or in my new woven wrap, the Snugbug. Jill makes them and they are wonderful! So nice and cool and much more secure than the Moby. The Moby was great until Ben got too heavy and now it stretches too much when I wear him in it. I LOVE the Snugbug though and cannot sing its praises high enough. Anybody with a baby should have one immediately. 

All in all, we had an awesome time and I’m so happy I got over my fear that we couldn’t camp with a two month old. We can and did and we’re all the better for it!