My first Mother’s Day

For my first Mother’s Day, I spent a wonderful day with my family! Ben and I lounged in bed until about 6:45 and then Isaac made me some tea. When I got out of bed, I walked into the dining room and was greeted by a lovely pink begonia and my first Mother’s Day card! It was very sweet. We planted the begonia in the garden and every time I see it, I think about what a beautiful blessing my family is and thankful I am for them.

We decided to head to Lake of the Woods, a very pretty Champaign County Forest Preserve, for a walk and a picnic. We went there once last year and have been meaning to get back: this was a perfect excuse! We picked up some cheese and charcuterie and were on our way.

First, we took a walk in an area I’d heard about before but didn’t know where it was: a local running club has trail runs there and now I can see why. It’s very peaceful and green and there’s even a little contour to the landscape. We’d like to go running there ourselves, just maybe not any time soon since the HOT days are upon us. Then we walked back to the botanical garden area for some lunch and photos. It’s a really popular place, especially during graduation season, but we set up under a shady tree and snacked away. After our photo op, we came home and Ben and I took a nap. It was a perfect day and a perfect start to our new life as a family of 3 (+Magnum, so really 4!)

Here are some photos from our day: