38 Weeks

Not much to report this week. Last Thursday I started having contractions that were regular, about 3-5 minutes apart lasting between 45-60 seconds. We thought it was the big show, but after our appointment, we learned that what I’m experiencing is called “latent labor”. So, for the past week+ I’ve been having regular contractions! It’s been extremely exhausting, both physically and emotionally, but I’m a little glad that baby hasn’t decided to make his appearance yet. Jill the doula has been sick for like 3 weeks, so maybe he’s just waiting til she gets better to arrive.

It’s also positive that he’s still baking as we think he was posterior, meaning labor was going to suck even more. I think he flipped though yesterday and now his back is facing up, which I guess makes back labor less of a possibility. Hooray!

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga this week: Lois has been so helpful with showing me ways to combat back labor/pain, all the yoga probably helped him turn around.

In any case, we’re ready to meet this little guy and trying to patiently await his debut, I guess that’s the first lesson of parenthood: giving up control and learning patience!

I’ll leave you with this “great” photo of Isaac and me, he dubbed it leaning tower of belly.