Baby B’s Room

Isaac and I finally finished putting together B’s room. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait to bring him home to his new room! Isaac and I both agree that it is the nicest, most put together room in the house. We can’t decide if that’s sad or not…

In any case, here are some photos of the finished product!

It’s been really fun exploring my creative side throughout this pregnancy. Inspired by Sherry at, we’ve both taken on some projects in B’s room, both to save money as well as just to have fun! I made those curtains (I did! Can you believe it?) using some hem tape and an iron. Then, my doula Jill helped me make the black out curtains behind so that B will really sleep in there! I’m super proud of myself because I even sewed using a sewing machine.

Isaac worked really hard on the dresser. It used to look like this:

Super 1960s styling! Isaac removed the hardware, sanded it down (wearing a mask and with me nowhere in sight in case the paint was lead-based), and painted it. Did you know that Home Depot will color match paint so that it will match your stuff? For free?! They did and it came out pretty close to the color of the crib, so we were pretty excited. We decided to leave the top white because a) it’s formica and 2) we liked the look of it. After the millions of coats of paint dried, I lined the drawers with some fun wrapping paper and some mod podge (I’d never heard of it before, but Sherry at YHL knows all). In the end, we love how it turned out. Here it is:

You can also see there the little photo gallery we created. There’s me and Isaac as babies, a Tubb family photo, one of our wedding pictures, and a really cute giraffe card from the shower. I also decided to add the “B” to mix it up a little. The mobile is a gift from Lois, my yoga teacher/boss. She brought it back for us from India, I think it’s really cool and it matches well with the decor too!

Here is the “nursing corner”. I tried to make a mobile from paint swatches, but oh man, that was a disaster, so I decided to create this little ombre affect piece. As for the little lanterns, I like how they look there and they add a little pop of color. The blanket on the back of the chair is a gift from our friends Josh and Teresa.

You can see in the above photo the crib skirt I made! I wanted something that coordinated nicely with the curtains and this was what I decided on. Jill helped me again, but I did most of the sewing. The next photo shows the rest of the crib and the wall art we got from I love the whole giraffe thing, the guitar is for Isaac’s musical talents, and the bear is to represent California. All in all, we love the room and hope that Baby B will love it too!

In other news, today marks 36 weeks. I’ve decided to start walking three miles everyday with the dog to keep him happy and to get the baby to drop! Everything I’ve read says that most first time moms will have their baby drop about 2 weeks before delivery. Get dropping baby! Here’s me and Mags in B’s room, and also one of us cuddling. B gave Magnum some love during this cuddle fest too. I can’t wait for them to meet!The belly is formidable, but as you can tell, he hasn’t dropped. Oh well!