Date Night

In an effort to “have fun” and “reconnect” while living on a budget, Isaac and I instituted stay-at home movie date nights. Every week, one person picks the genre and the other person… Continue reading

Summer Update

It’s been a while since I’ve had any time to be on here. I’m so glad I was able to document Ben’s first 12 months in this space. It has been fun to… Continue reading

13 Months of Mr. Ben

Shortly after Benny’s first birthday, he and I hopped a plane to Denver. First things first-we had to find a place to live and a place for Ben to go to school. Luckily,… Continue reading

Ben’s 1st Birthday!

Oops, so it’s June 23rd and I’m writing Ben’s birthday post now. Things have been a bit chaotic! For Ben’s birthday, we decided to go to Springfield. We figured since we’ve lived in… Continue reading

Benjamin is 1!

We made it! Benny is our little one year old and we can’t believe it! Having Ben has changed our lives so much. It hasn’t all been easy but all together, this has… Continue reading

11 Month Old Benny Bear

Um, so, oops. Ben is almost 1 and I’m just getting around to the 11 month old post. Please forgive me, it’s been a busy month!Here he is. He’s CONSTANTLY moving, so getting… Continue reading

Double digits, baby! Benjamin is 10 months old!

Every day I wake up and I am continuously amazed by my delicious little baby son! This past month, we’ve seen so many developmental leaps, every day it seems like something new is… Continue reading

Ben is 9 months old! (Well, technically he’s older, but details schmetails)

Mr. Benjamin D. has now been on the outside for as long as he was on the inside! Today, it has been 40 weeks and 5 days since he entered our lives and… Continue reading

Holidays 2012

I know this post is a little late BUT, in my defense, I filed my dissertation, had a birthday, and we went to California (and I went to Mexico), so with all that… Continue reading

Benjamin the 8 month old!

Our little man is eight months old! The last month has flown by, we’ve hit a bunch of milestones and celebrated a holiday. We’re loving every second with our little sweetheart, his personality… Continue reading